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Dear PhpList Users,

Probably you have been using phplist for decades but you still feel frustrated because there are several functions in phplist that you can't fully utilize.

1. When you send out email to your subscribers, instead of addressing them by their names you had to use greeting such as "Dear Subscibers,". Wouldn't it be cool if you can address them by their names whenever you are sending them a newsletter.

2. You want to customize your subscribe form and embed them on any of your webpages. Or you may want it to appear on a pop up window.

Subscribe form- sample#1.

Subscribe form- sample#2.

3. You want your subscribers to be confirmed the moment they enter their names and emails and submit the subscribe button on the subscribe form instead of asking them to find your confirmation email and has to click on the link.

4. You want to get rid of the phplist text and image signature at the bottom of your email newsletter.

Default phplist text signature:

Default phplist image signature:

5. You want to redirect your subscribers to a customize confirmation page.

6. You know that phplist by default won't be sending much emails using your localhost server. You want to increase number of emails you want to send every month. As for me, I set limit to 30K emails every month using 3rd party SMTP server.

7. You want to use cron jrob. It allows you to schedule email processings and send out emails even after you shutdown your computer.


Free to install on your web server. No Monthly Fees. No maintenance required.


Create beautiful html email. User- friendly web Interface campaign dashboard. Upload files & email list.


Reliable. 99.99% sending rate deliverability.



I can help you...

All the issues with phplist I mentioned above can be easily fixed. I have compiled an e-book showing you every simple steps yet detailed line by line to help you customizing your own phplist.

When you buy this ebook guide from me, I will also give a software for free that you can use to create a pop up subscribe form.

Pop up software creator

Few things you need to consider before you let go this offer:

- If you were to hire other professional programmer, your investment could easily be between $69 to $139 or more.

- Building a successful email list that makes you money is all about using a low cost autoresponder that proven to work.

- You won't find any webs offering the same stuff like this. Trust me! :)

Yours sincerely,


P.S. Don't forget to subscribe and experience the customized phplist by yourself.

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