Get rid of paid autoresponder, use phplist!


What is Phplist?

It is a one-way email announcement delivery system. It is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses.

The web interface lets you write and send messages, and manage phpList over the internet. Phplist keeps sending messages from your web server. It is designed to manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, excellent with smaller lists, too!

Phplist is the world’s most popular open source email campaign manager, downloaded more than 10,000 times per month, free to download, install and use, and is easy to integrate with any website.  Absolutely at NO COST at all!   


Problems with phplist & solutions:

1. Subscriber's name not mentioned in the email message.

This is easy fix! You can now start your email conversation with greeting like, Hi "Mary", how are you doing today? Dear "John", Dear "Rosie". By mentioning their names on email, you're engaging more with them on a personal level.

2. Ugly sign up form.

Phplist subcribe forms can be customized to make it looks better and professional. People won't even noticed that it was actually a phplist form.

3. Unable to embed the sign up form.

Yes, you can embed your sign up form on any WebPages, multiple of them. Pop up opt-in can be created using our software, proven to double your subscribe rates.

4. Unable to get your subscribers to confirm their subscriptions.

With a simple modification on the coding, subscribers can be automatically confirmed upon their subscription.

5. Footer text and image appeared on email message and public subscriber pages.

Yes. You can get rid of the ads, text link, footer etc. in the outgoing mails & public subscribe page.

6. Ugly phplist default thank you page.

By inserting some simple code you can redirect your subscribers to your professional thank you page.


Extra Features (Specials):


1. Using an external SMTP server ou can send out emails from thousands to millions subscribers with 100% assurance and peace of mind that all emails are delivered right to their inboxes. 
2. Set a cron job that enables phplist to send emails to all subscribers even after shutting down your computers.. You don't even bother to click on the "process queue". 

Now, the good news for you!

Introducing an ebook guide on how you also can customize your phplist as easy as 1-2-3. This ebook guide will help you to replace specific line of codes with screenshots to make it easier for you to make the changes. 



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I will also give you a software to create pop up sign up forms on your wordpress or websites for free! I created the pop sign up form in this web using the same software!

Fact about pop up opt in page: Whether you hate them or love them, there’s one undeniable fact about popups – they work. Case study after case study proves that if you want to grow your email list, put a popup on your blog.

Why PhplistMod. Com is the best option for you?

1.  If you were to hire other professional programmer or php coding expert, your investment could easily be between $49 to $139 or more.

 2. You will receive instant access to ALL of the customization materials mentioned on this page. You will also get free technical support as I will answer your questions and concerns!

3. Building a successful email list that makes you money is all about creating a system that bring results.

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