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free phplist- the best autoresponder!

Dear friends,

If you ask me what is the best available autoresponder or email management system that allows you to send out newsletters to your web subscribers, nothing comes to my mind other than phplist which is the best available free software out there. You can download it for free, install and get it working on your own web server. Zero cost for that.

Unless you are willing to pay for a service that will cost you more, you may opt to Getresponse or Aweber.

Most Internet Marketers will advise you to avoid free and cheap autoresponders. In my early years as an online entrepreneur  I would have also been totally agreed with them until I discovered a method of improvising phplist without me risking the business.

phpList is Open Source newsletter and email marketing software: it is free to download.

What I am going to reveal to you is the secret of customizing and editing the free version of phplist. There are few codes and tricks that you can apply to get your phplist to function exactly the way you want it to work for you.

As you may already know ..phplist is an autoresponder or email management system that allows you to place a subscribe form in your web, collect subscriber's information- usually what we need from them are their name and email adress. These information will be stored in your database. From the admin dashboard, you will have access to their information, create email campaign, delete or blacklist a user, add more subscibers manually by uploading CSV files and so on. I will not go into the details but I can promise you that there are so many interesting features inside the admin dashboard for you to play around with.

In order to achieve full functionality of phplist, I would highly recommend you to peform below modifications ...

1. By default, names of your subscribers would not be addressed in the email message.

It's just a matter of one's preferences but as for myself I'd love to see my name being mentioned along with the greetings.

2. Embed a sign up form on any web pages. Place it on blog/wordpress widget area or just let it pop up.

It's just a simple code that you can copy and paste on any of your webpages where you want your sign up form to appear.

Phplist sign up form- sample#1.

Phplist sign up form- sample#2.

3. Automatic confirmation upon subscription or popularly known as single opt in.

Some subscribers find that it's tedious to check on email and look for confirmation link.
Every bloggers can argue all day long on one should opt for double but single opt in has worked very well for me all these years.

4. You see that default signatures in the email message? Let's get rid of that.

Default phplist text signature:

Default phplist image signature:

5. Let's re-direct your subscribers to a customized thank you page right after they hit the subscribe button...

6. Phplist by default limits the number of daily outgoing emails. What if I tell you that you can send out unlimited emails every day and up to 30K emails every month?

7. Setting up Cron Jobs

Allows you to schedule email processings and send out emails even after you shutdown your computer.


Free to install on your web server. No Monthly Fees. No maintenance needed.


Create beautiful html email. User- friendly web Interface campaign dashboard. Upload files & email list.


Reliable. 99% sending rate deliverability.



you can find these 7-tricks guide in our ebook

If you think that these 7-tricks guide will allow you to fully utilize phplist and grant you an access to sending unlimited emails every day and up to 30K emails every month I would also think that a little cost of $9.90 is a very reasonable price that I can ask for..

Notice that little pop up sign up form? I have created it using a software which I would also give it to you for free when you purchased our ebook guide..

Pop up software creator

Whether you hate them or love them, there’s one undeniable fact about popups – they work. Case study after case study proves that if you want to grow your email list, put a popup on your blog.

Here are the few things you need to consider before you let go this offer:

1. If you were to hire other professional programmer, your investment could easily be between $69 to $139 or more.

2. Building a successful email list that makes you money is all about using a low cost autoresponder that proven to work.

3. You won't find any webs offering the same stuff like this.

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